Godís Love forÖ

†††††††††††† Our Children

Riverside Presbyterian Church offers Sunday school for children in grades k through 5, September to early June. Classes are held in a classroom environment every Sunday during the 11:00AM Church Service.

A daycare volunteer is available in our nursery for children in pre-k and under.

Our curriculum consists of but not limited too;

> Reading the Holy Bible

> Song, Prayer and Scripture

> Arts and Crafts

> The meaning of Membership

> The meaning of Communion

> Christmas Pageant

> Youth Sunday

> Community Service

Sunday school children have an opportunity to meet quarterly with rev. laura and the Sunday school teachers. This allows them† to participate in a fun event to get to know rev. laura and the other children.

Todayís world is complicated.† We encourage our children to learn about God and what it means to be a Christian. By teaching the Lordís message and relating it to todayís world, our children develop a sense of security, love, understanding, and community within our church and learn how to apply what they learn outside in the community!

We invite your child to join us!† To enroll your child.